Production Capacity

Üretim kapasitesi-Productioin capacity

As UNVERLER MACHINERY, each of our production processes is done in our own structure.

Piston diameter up to 1000 mm
Strok length up to 6000 mm
500 Bar pressure


Customer demands are detailed in our own R & D department and supported by computer aided design and analysis.)


Our wide range of powerful universal lathes and CNC lathes and CNC milling machines are suitable for every sector with special, standard or project-specific tolerances.

Cylindrical Grinding

It is applied before chrome plating of the shafts to be applied in order to reach the desired precision dimensions, surface roughness and turning of the cylindrical parts. With cylindrical grinding Ra = 0.20 – 0.80 µm roughness values ​​can be reached.

Hard Chrome Plated

Our high-performance baths are made of hard chrome plating at up to 3000 microns thick. The hardness value increases to 62 – 68 HRC.


The honing process is applied to the inner surfaces of the hydraulic cylinders after turning. Better surface quality is achieved than the grinding process. With the honing process Ra 0,05 – 0,20 µm roughness values ​​can be reached.


Ra 0.04 µm surface roughness prior to chrome plating, 10 microns to 500 microns hard chrome plated diameter after the Super Finish process Ra 0.01 µm mirror surface is obtained.

Hydraulic cylinders are assembled and tested by accredited machines according to the standards and certified.